Important product updates

Nov 13, 2023 · Follow on Twitter and Mastodon general

As Kankoda creates more products, having separate web sites and social media accounts for each product isn’t viable. These sites and accounts will therefore be merged with Kankoda’s.

LicenseKit header

The affected products will be converted to product pages on this website and product news will be posted on Kankoda’s Twitter and Mastodon accounts and on the Kankoda blog.

The GitHub repos for affected SDK products will also be moved into the Kankoda organization.

This change applies to LicenseKit, which means that the old LicenseKit website is now a product page on this website, and the GitHub account is now found here from now on.

This change will for now not apply to KeyboardKit, Appamini or Wally, which for now keeps their own sites and accounts.


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