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Important EmojiKit changes

Jun 23, 2024 general

After not being able to scale EmojiKit Pro to a commercial product, Kankoda will migrate EmojiKit back to an open-source library.

Important product updates

Nov 13, 2023 general

As Kankoda creates more products, having separate web sites and social media accounts for each product isn’t viable. These sites and accounts will therefore be merged with Kankoda’s.

Say hello to EmojiKit

Nov 8, 2023 sdkemojikit

Say hello to EmojiKit - a brand new SDK brings emoji features to Swift-based apps and libraries on all major Apple platforms (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS).

KeyboardKit 8

Oct 30, 2023 sdkkeyboardkit

KeyboardKit 8 is finally out! This is a huge update with lots of changes and improvements, that will take your custom keyboards to the next level.

Lunchrrrrr 2.1 is out

Aug 20, 2023 app

Lunchrrrrr has been rewritten for iOS 16. It has an updated UI and improved responsiveness when dragging a card from the deck.