License Validation

LicenseKit can validate licenses in flexible and powerful ways.

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LicenseKit has a License that represents a software license that can be resolved with a license key.

A license can specify and validate license expiration date, tier, customer and other information, as well as the supported platforms, bundle IDs, environments, features, and much more.

LicenseKit can use services to get licenses from the product binary, read licenses from files, fetch licenses from remote APIs, integrate with external services like Gumroad, etc.

License Engine

LicenseKit uses a LicenseEngine to resolve licenses, then performs an initial license validation to see that the license hasn’t expired, and that is can be used with the current software and platform.

License Validation

A license can validate a bunch of things. The standard validate() function checks that the license is valid for the current bundle, platform and date, but there are many other validation types.

License Information

A license has a lot of information, such as license key and tier, product and owner name, activation and expiration dates, etc. It can also specify valid platforms and environments, features, etc.


See the GitHub repository and online documentation for more information about the LicenseKit license model capabilities.

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LicenseKit is free to start using and affordable to scale. It has a monthly and a yearly payment plan.