File-based Licenses

LicenseKit can read licenses from plain text files


File-based licenses

LicenseKit’s can read licenses from plain text files, that can be read either from the product bundle or from any URL that your software has access to.

How does it work?

File-based licenses let you bundle license files together with your product. You can also refer to files at any URL, for instance if you send the license file to your customers.

If a license file is built into your product binary, you must release new versions of your software to add, remove and edit licenses.

You can choose if a license should expire on its expiration date, or if you want your customer to be able to keep using it in all versions where the license was active.

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The license tiers are aimed at indies and small businesses. Reach out for a custom plan if you’re an enterprise, have $10M+ in annual revenue, or if your product exceeds $1M in annual proceeds.

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