Kankoda can help you build amazing apps and software. Here are some recent projects.

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Whether you build apps or complex, distributed software, Kankoda can help. Here are some recent projects, where Kankoda has helped as an external agency or as part of the organization.


Kankoda has developed the Cineasterna video streaming app for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and Android. The app features shelf- and grid-based lists, search and native video player integration.

The apps are built in Swift and SwiftUI, as well as in Kotlin and Jetpack Compose. The Swift apps use SPM to share code and components across platforms.


Oribi is a Swedish lang tech company that asked Kankoda to build a custom Oribi keyboard for iOS and iPadOS, using the KeyboardKit SDK.


The resulting oKeyboard app uses KeyboardKit Pro together with Oribi-based autocomplete, word prediction, spellcheck, text-to-speech, license management, etc.

Oribi Writer

The SPM-based architecture that was set up alongside oKeyboard made it easy to then rebuild the OribiWriter app to a modern, document-based Swift and SwiftUI app for iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

Software Engineer

Kankoda has helped companies like Bambuser and Qapital with lead and engineer roles, in both shorter and longer projects.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out if want to build something, or need help with your apps or products.