EmojiKit - Localization

EmojiKit supports localization for all emojis and locales.


Emoji Localization

EmojiKit supports emoji localization, for instance:

Emoji("πŸ˜€").localizedName                   // Grinning Face
Emoji("πŸ˜€").localizedName(for: .english)    // Grinning Face
Emoji("πŸ˜€").localizedName(for: .swedish)    // Leende Ansikte

This feature uses emoji unicode information to generate a localization key for each emoji, which is used to resolve a localized name for each emoji.

Limited Support

Full emoji localization is currently only implemented in English, but can be implemented on-demand for any product that needs more support.

You can reach out to help out with localization, to get a considerable discount on an SDK license.

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EmojiKit is free to start using and affordable to scale. It has a monthly and a yearly payment plan.